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Alhamdulillah Wassalatu wassalaamu alarasoolillah

By the blessing of Allah, the Almighty, Mercy Foundation have a target to do activities for all human beings. This institution is doing all efforts to create harmony in community. And to create awareness among the people. So that people of the society become able economically, socially and educationally.
Mercy Foundation help the widows, the for shaken omen, orphans, handicapped, people affected by communal riots & natural calamities such as floods, earth quake etc. we also provide bursaries & scholarship to poor brilliant students for further studies and financial help to poor peoples who want to start their own business besides this we also dig wells & bore hole in the areas affected by the scarcity of water. We run Makatib (small Madrasa) in those areas where Muslims are far from the knowledge of Deen. We have starting computer classes & tailoring classes for needy people. We have built the Masajid and we do maintain them. (We distribute groceries, clothes, ,medicines etc. to widows, orphans & other needy people)

We pray to Allah the most benevolent to bless with Barakat in their business to those who help the noble cause in any form.


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